The Library will remain open on all working days during college hours. The students are requested to maintain pin drop silence in the library premises.

Only one book will be issued to a student for seven days, otherwise the student shall have to pay fine @10/- per day.

It is the responsibility of the student to return the book due date i.e. just after three days. If the due date is a holiday, he must return the book on the next working day.

The student shall be held responsible for up keeping of the books. They are not allowed to tear out pages or write remarks in the margin of the books. The students are advised to check the book at the time of its issue and the Library In- charge would also check the book at the time of its taking back.

If it is observed that any student has violated this rule, he shall be punished with fine. The amount of fine shall not exceed the cost of the book.

Eating or playing indoor games in the library is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students violating the rule.

In case of damage/theft or loss of the book during the possession of the book with the student, the  cost of the latest edition of the same book or otherwise shall have to be paid by the student.




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